The London Society Journal No.470

Work from my projects has been featured in The Journal of The London Society. ‘Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes’ is a piece looking at some of the major developments taking place across London, with writing from Cecil Sagoe, Peter Watts’ Jessica Cargill Thompson and Jonathan Manns. Images of my work were also used for the contents page and back cover.

The Haunted City

The Haunted City  is a new commission for White Noise. Written piece by  Emily Reynolds with images from my new project about White City.

Switchboard Portraits

Series of portraits of Switchboard volunteers taken while they were engaged in conversations with people contacting the helpline. Part of the RCA Queer Society Switchboard re-launch exhibition

Young People’s Poverty Manifesto


Six images form the Stonegrove Estate Project have been used in the Young People’s Poverty Manifesto, which launched in the House of Commons on October 15th 2014.